Saturday, November 04, 2006


THIS IS A MENCEY I JUST ATE THE LAST POUCH OF IAMS LIGHT TOONA. i FINKY AND I FURY FUSSY ABOUT MY WET FOOD. SO I FIND ONE I LIKE AND I STICKING TOOO IT. MAMMA SAID LILLY THEY OUT AT THE MARKET OF YOUR FOOD HOW ABOUT OTHER.... HUMMP I STRAVE I TELL YOU STRAVE..... ( okay I wont strave I just eat Mu shue food) But My wet food is my special treat mu shue eats scripon food for irrated bowl symdrom if he dont eat that food mama carpet get dose of what he eats. He can have a few treat but thats it. My tonna is just for me. Not for mu shue. To Make it worst she said something about spin (Stary pets in need ) and a simmmies kitten who needs a forever home and haveing to cheek it out while she was ther picking up food....Hump I dont know how this will go over wiff mu shue he still recovering from getting me and that was six years ago.


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Fat Eric said...

Oh no! Running out of food, how terrible.

Hi there
Your brother the King does look a bit like me. It is nice to meet you. Tell Mu Shue to visit my Gorgeous Gingers page and he will see some instructions about how to join our club!