Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Mama said we have to say what we thankful for so Since this is My blog I start

Mu shue's List
1) a great forever home wiff mama Laura( okay even wiff Lilly and that thing Iris)
2) being the cat mama Laura Luffs so much
3) kib kib
4) sticky goodnees
5) my drink well foution
6) The bed bed
7) chicky treets
8) the vet for making me better
9) catnip
10) the fact that if I play real nice tomrow i going to get Gravy and trucky

Lilly's List
1) a great foever home wiff mama laura and mu shue and iris
2)The luff of my fambily
3)Sticky goodness
4) kib kib ( espeilay mu shues)
5) All the beds I luff beds
7) great kitty dreems
8) my heated napper
9) a freind to pounce on mu shue for me
10) my dimmond kittne collor wiff my name

Iris's List

1) the fact that I have a fover home and I don't have to go back to the shelter
2)The fact that I met Lilly and she not hissing at me
3) the fact that Mu shue only hiss at me
4) wirly bird
5) sitcky goodness
6) kib kib
7) tem-tay-tions
8) toys speial giller bal1s mice
9)That fact that mu shue look very pouncable and That Lilly is quite pouncbale
10) My yowal mewo that I can and will use any time i want

We all thanful for all of you


Mu shue Pooh, Lilly Lu Maire, Iris Gracie Maire


Lux said...

I'm thankful for you & all my friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ariel said...

Happy Thanksgiving.Great slide and photos.