Sunday, November 19, 2006

what I learned about the evial Iris

Evial Iris she poltting she up to no good I tell you

Name: Iris garcie Maire shelter name was as Senna

Likes: Fury mousie, gilter balls rosie the rats wirly bird kitten kib,kib and kitten sticky goodness, Playing pawie under door with the freidly white cat who not hissing at her

Dislike: The grouchy old hissing ginger cat on the other side of the door. ( Hay wait thats me) Haveing to stay in the spare room by her slef

Age: 4 mouths

Breed: simiees

occupation: Kitten play all day job to drive grouchy old ginger cat crazy ( she doing a good job of it)

Future goals: Make best freinds with freidly white cat who plays pawie under door. Try and win over Grouchy old ginger cat to be freind. Get out of room


Mu shue Pooh The King Cat King cat said...

Hi this is Iris I furry cute I not sure why that old gigner cat who calls him self the king hate me so much. He keeps hissing at my door and has even given a growal or two. My mamma new mama assues me in time he learn to like me. But so far he just grummpy. Lilly the cat who i play pawie wiff under the door slipped me his password and this web page for me to post on his blog.

INAMINI said...

Did Mama Laure talk tu yu abowt haffing Iris lif wif yu? Maybe Mama Lora shud get a lawwer for illegal cat accwisishun. Yu shud find owt, yu ar KING!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Iris, you are a doll. You are about three weeks younger than KC. She will be so happy to see a new "kitten" in town about her age.
I'll bet the King Cat will fall in love with you very soon.
Can't wait to read more about you. And Lilly, she sounds like fun. Just give Mu shue Pooh a little time, he's been sick, too.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Hmmm - Mu Shue Pooh, we thinks you need to lighten up! She looks furry friendly and might be a fun play pal!

The Meezers said...

Future Goal (as is the same wif all Meezers) - Total Werld Domination

Victor Tabbycat said...

She's adoorabul! Oh, Mu Shue, it's not easy bein the new kitty. I's been here a whole year an Bonnie is still hissy an growly an I'm not leafin.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Wow, she is reely KYOOT!!!! Duz she wunna come live with me?

Ariel said...

Iris is a very cute kitty.Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Fat Eric said...

Iris is cute, I think Mu Shue needs to get her on his side so that they can gang up together against Lilly. After all, he doesn't want to risk the two girls ganging up on him!

But poor Mu Shue has been poorly, so be nice to him. Hope his sisters don't catch the wheezes and sneezes.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Don't worry Iris, he will soon love you very much! Take it from one meezer to another.