Saturday, November 18, 2006

There a whole lot of hissing going on

This is Mu shue fanks for you well wishes I fell much better. But I hissing mad. It not bad enough 5 years ago she did this to me once wiff Lilly. I been Betrayed!!!!! THERE A KITTEN IN THE SPARE ROOM. HOW COULD SHE I did not think she could do such a horbuil thing. I am her king. I spent the morning hissig at the spare room. Lilly seem intred and has even played pawie under the door wiff this "THING" She clams her name is Iris Gracie Maire and she comming to liff here. HOW COULD MAMA DO THIS TO ME. I AM THE KING. This thing has new foody bowl a new condo and a new litter box and a new bed. This thing seem to has made it self comfy in the spare bed. But i expressig my dislike by hissing at the spare door. This thing going to know I AM THE BOSS AROUND HERE!!


Derby said...

MuShue, it is just another subject for your majesty's kingdom.

Lux said...

What Derby said! You'll soon have the kitten fetching your toys and kowtowing to you!

INAMINI said...

Mu shoe- its fud that yu feel gud enuf to hiss at new kitn. The kitn wil kno yur KING!