Sunday, November 12, 2006

We have a problem

we have a problem my kitten freinds.

Yes me and Lilly are not happy campers.
Lilly said I should go on strike
she said she going to stop
hannging out wiff mama laura and stay furrry far away

whats this problem a smimess kitten. See mama came home wiff a new litter box and she said it not for me she came home wiff new foody bowls she clams they not for me a new cat condo again she clams not for me a new bed once again not for me. I dont under stand I the king of the house. a new kitten toys and she said they not for me. She put them in the spare room and closed the door and said mu shue this room is going to be off limits for a while I am bringing home a freind. A FREIND I HAVE LILLY WHY DO I NEED A FREIND.

Lilly :internups But mu shue a Kitten can be cute.

Mu shue: nothing cuter than me Lilly

Lilly: but mu shue a kitten is playful

Mu shue: Lilly I sixteen I dont want to be playful I want to rest

Lilly: But mu shue a kitten meeds more food and treets

Mu shue: well Lilly you do have a point. But you interupting me again Is that the fresser door i hear Is that an Ice cream scooper lilly

Lilly: oh I better invagate cant miss ice cream.

Now back to this sisution. All i know is she said something about awaiting vet refffence. Then something about a smimiee kitten she name Iris. Hummp There already one king I dont need a kitten... HELP

LOOk at me do I desever this is not Lilly enough


Fat Eric said...

Ohhhh Mu Shue, this could be trouble! Although, what if you could train the new kitten to gang up with you against Lilly, wouldn't that be a good thing? think about it!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Uh oh ... You're being infiltrated by a kitten. Good Luck!
DaisyMae Maus

Lux said...

Oh-oh! I can see where all that new stuff that *isn't for you would drive you crazy! Best wishes in this intolerable situation!

Eric and Flynn said...

Looks like yoo haf got BIG prollems.If a new kitty cums in yoo will haf to make shoor it knows "The King's Rools"

Mette said...

Hello King and Lilly.

Listen King: when the kitten is coming home take it apart and have a good talk with it.
Teach it all the things you like.
All nauty things offcourse!!!!
I'm curious about the new kitten.

And are very, very beautifull. I love the black stripes on your head.

LOKi said...

Mu shu, Mu shu, dis cud be an issue. Du not pass go- teech Kitten all abowt yor kingdum! Let it kno yu are ultimut king!

Mu shue Pooh The King Cat King cat said...

Fanks for all your support. The evial cat should get her next weekend accouding to mamma Laura her shelter name is Senna But mama Laura said she Look like and Iris Garcie Maire if she ever saw one. she a seal point simmiee kitten. about 4 mouths old.

She was someone pet but they landed up haveing alregys to her and they got ride of her to Spin were mama voltrees. Mama meet her and love at frist mewo.

Lilly said fanks for the comment on her being boootful. When she was adopted the women said she was weird colloring becuse she got some black spots a black tail but the very under neath like a seecreat gift has some ornonge

We got alot of training to do. Lilly said she going to try this thing to leave her food all around so she can eat it.

I just hope she likes being licked on her bottom unlike Miss Lilly Lu

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Mu Shue, you gots to put a stop to this nonsense THIS INSTANT! I didn't realize my woman was capable of such a horror, so I didn't stop her from bringin Victor into MY house. It hasn't been the same since. I'm 9.5 an I don't wanna play. I don't wanna be pounced. I don't wanna be round anofur cat AT ALL. Throw yur weight around. Are you the KING or a... mouse?

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh dear, the first thing you haf to do is explain to this new kitten, is you are the King. Not the kitten. This means, you gets to eat the stinky goodness first, gets treats first, eat out of its dish and yes, play in its cat condo.
It's good to be king! (Tom Petty did sing it best!)
I'm on paws and hairballs waiting to see what happens next.

PS for your mommy's sake, do try to be nice to the little munchkin...