Sunday, November 05, 2006

Embrassing nick names

Meowing between me and Lilly About those nick names

Mu shue: MOL Lilly Plupernickle ?? ( mama nick name for her)

Lilly: Oh yea I would't meow to much about that shoe boy (mama nick name for me)

Mu Shue: Well at least I not a Plumpkin like you

Lilly: Na you a real pumpkin round and ornge

Mu shue: Oh yea.... LulU

Lilly: at least I not chinnes food mr Mooshie

Mu shue: Na you just Spotty girl

Lilly: What ever Shoey

Mu shue: Hay I am Speical Mama sings me that all the time

Lilly: Well I am Butfuil mamma sings that to me all the time

Mu Shue : Well... well Mu shue Paw puches Lilly

Lilly: Paw punches back and runs away

We Know you have them and we cats we curuious what they are. Or in are mama Just going cazy


LOKi said...

Me Mom calls us al surts uf things, an I'm purty sure there not all niec. We haf lots of nickynames (Bean, Rat, LOKi-POKi-Pudding-In-A-Pot, Little Kitty, ect.)

Pumpkin said...

Hi, Mu shue! Fanks fur visiting mine blog. Momma putted yu on our list. She calls me "Baby Cat" since I'm the yungest and likes to cuddle me (which I don't mind) and talk baby talk to me (which can be embarrasing.)

KC said...

o, Mu shue,
mine mommie calls me "KC-Belle", isn't that sillie?
'n mine VET calls me a wombat. she sez, r u gonna bring tha lil wombat in ta see me? hee-hee.

Fat Eric said...

Now now, play nicely together!

We like the name Plumpkin, heh heh, my mum says I am the right colour to be a bit of a Plumpkin!

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Mu Shue We's jus found yer blog so we will put yer linkie on our page.My name is Eric or Big E to my frennz an I'm a frend of Fat Eric who got us blogging. My mum has lots of Nick's names furr me, but sum I wud rather not menshun. Uvvers are: Hunky Munky, Plumpkin, Fatty Bumbum an lately she's taken to cawling me Porker. Beans can be so krool sumtimes.
Hi Mu shue. I'm Flynn, Eric's brofurr. Mum cawls me her littul cuddly boy, an my Nick's names are:
Chumba Wumba, Flindy Pins an Chimmy Chops. Weer do the beans get these names furrom?