Friday, November 03, 2006

Black Mail by Lilly

That brothfur of mine who calls him self a king is not furry nice too me He chaces me and pounces on me and said he going to send me too the moon So when after a nip attack he jumped into my bed I grabed Mamma Laura carma and I started shooting

Here is I Mr I too mocho to sleep in a pink bed..

Oggie lover of King cat you decied...

Wiff mama oggie this thing older then him and that old But he been seen kissing it he said it smells like mama Laura

mr king cat wiff oggie pooh

Mu shue and a few freinds

Lilly I only let Mu shue think he is King Lu


Hot(M)BC said...

Oh! Sisfur blackmail! Careful bout that. (Mu Shue does looks kinda cute in the pink bed tho, goes nice wif his fur.)

Lux said...

Is Mu shue really 250 years old???