Friday, November 17, 2006

Mornig update

Mu shue asked but did not eat his sticky goodneess He did how ever look at his treety draw and beg for a chicky treat. He still sezzing and caughing was panting when playing wirly bird. If he not better this afternoon mama going to call the vet

I however was mad cat mama changed my sticky goodness see i only like pouch food and she gave me a can of food. I tryed to explan to her this is not my sticky goodness. But she said Lilly you eat what I giff you. I just eat some mu shue kib kib ensted

Lilly Lu fillinf in for mu shue while he under the bed sleeping

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muffinmidi said...

Thank your for visiting my blog. I"m glad to meet a fellow New Englander. If my Mommy ever took away my Stinky Goodness I'd be heartbroken. I love bird-watching, eating (I'm rather portly) and ruling my humans.