Thursday, November 30, 2006

soo good to be home

Fanks for all your support I home and reccovering from my stay at the less then 5 star treetment I got at the vet. So I fink I tell you the story. I started sneezing again day number one off anitbotics. Mama has a cold too and now Iris the vet gave all 3 of us antibotics. So I was cuddling in on my big bed wiff mama Laura on a day she was home sick from work and we cuddled toghter and watch tv and she noticed not only was I sneezing but my cough was back too. So she called the vet to make an oppment for the next night. Mama came home for Lunch this is a speial treet becuse she most of the time stay way at lunch since it is about a 15 min drive each way. But this time she forgot her lunch in her refator. so she came home to eat it and play some bird our faivort game. When she found got home I, who always greets her at the door was not there she waved his bag of tem-tay-tions and I came a running. But he did not look right she took at the bird. And one Jump and I was painting so bad my toungh was hanging out. and My eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of my head. She grabed My prison box shoved me in and put me in the gold michen. and called the vet who said bring him right in in about 10 mins I was being seen. They looked me over and said he need to be an an oxgen cage and needs predison and antibotics ASAP. I got two shots in my bottom and taken away from mama Laura and put into a cold cage wiff oxgen on. All I wanted to do was sleep. Mama Laura came back a few hours latter to vist I was aready starting to feel better she came wiff one my purr pads so my cage would not be so cold. He I sat trapped in a cage wiff no big bed no now comfotor and no sun chair and no sun. I was defelty not happy. In the morning they trun off the oxgen and put me in a normal cage for opvation. I was given food in papper. Hump I only eat sticky goodness in my Crown shaped bowl wiff Mu shue Pooh King Cat on the out side and my picuter on the inside wiff the words Speical cat around my head. My mama had it made for me. I was also feeling a little better and wanted to exsiersize I looked around For lilly Not a whit cat wiff balck spots any were in sight who looked nearaly as pounceable as Lilly from behide the colset when I lunch suprize attcaks as she walks by. There was plety to hiss about but No little Mezzer thing to HISS at. So i am glad to be home Frist thing I did after inspecing the place was eat my kib kib hide behide the closet door and ponce on Lilly Lu. Good thing she not lost her pouebailty she still very funn to pounce and chaces I even have Iris doing it But she sticks to pouncing on anyfing that moves. I hissed at Iris ( just so she don't forget I am king)a little curled up on my big bed and took a nap under the covers. Iris has the sneezes so the vet procibed antibotics for all of us. Mama said she wishes all cats were as easy to giff mesdison to as I am. Mama made the trip to the vet her self she got an ear infection and sinince infection and she on antibotics too. Well all I am off to take another nap so good to be home!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hi this is Lilly Lu. This is what I know. Mamma came home from that place she goes every day to eat lunch and play6 a littler bird wiff us. Mu shue sarted painting mamma took him fast wiff her cell phone and his prizon box. Here mama Laura wiff the deatials.

Thanks Lilly Lu for reporting. He the deal Mu shue has had athzma all his life since I had him. He just haveig a flar up they gave him a shot of predizon and a shot of antibotics and put him in an oxgen cage were he will stay over night. When I went bax to see him tonight he was already looking better and was more upset obout being trapped.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

mama and me

Mama and me spent time cuddling on the big bed over a big box of tissue. we both go the sneezey and the cough and she has a icky tummmy. She strboron and not going to a humman vet. Becuse she said they say the icky tummy is form the cold mendion she taking and she got a bad cold. But she feels diffently about me. She said Mu shue your my old guy and you going to the vet. Lilly keeping gard fom her pink bed and Iris desed to sing/ yowal for mama and play very loudly and widely so she can feel better. It fun to watch form the conforts of my big bed cuddled in my down confortor. Mama assured me I was her king cat I was the one she cuddle wiff

Monday, November 27, 2006


Lilly and Iris
You just bent the last paw. It not bad engough Lilly you sleeping kayla Voilet Shy
Bed . I let that go becuse Kayla was my favorit fursisfur. Then Iris You stole My sun chair. Lilly You then took over the bed that was giffen to me by Judy the women who used to take of me as a stay cat. Then Iris stole my sun chair. The chair that gets the most sun and I luff to sleep on. You eaten some of my tem-tay-stion But now You two took over the big bed and the down comfortor for a plotting sestions. This is it I puttin My paw down did you not rember rule 13

13) one cat on the big bed at a time., You and Lilly are nevfur to be there it is my big bed

I have offiacal had it I am now relly hissing mad. This is the bed were I sleeped ever Night for the last 11 year. Were I cuddled with Mama Laura. Where I licked away her tears. Where I nursed her back to heath I giving you Girls one warning GET OFF MY BIG BED NOW. NEXT TIME I WILL NOT BE SO NICE< !!!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

About this Iris Thing

Dear mamma Laura,

I know you taken great care of me for 11 years. But I am Old and A senior Catson now I look foward to naps in the sun and getting peace and quite I nevfur had when I was a stary for the frist 5 years of my life. Lilly Is finely growing up she going to be 5 this year and I was looking foward to her slowing down and letting me be. When you did the unthinkable. You got Iris. Now Mama She a Kitten. Enery and worst a meezer LOUD. Now I know I been nice all week But I putting My paw down when she stole my sun chair for a quick snooze and you told me to Share. I 16 I not sure I want to share. So Here the Deal You do somthing about that meezer evial thing you brought into this house Or I not Cuddling any more at night. And when You sing my song at night that means I always respond and go to the big Bed. Well I just wont. And this Cuddling wiff Iris thing must stop I not happy about. I told you I don't share temptaions I saw you giff Iris some from my pacage. And Iris those bribery gift you told mama To get well Thanks for the Nip it was mighty Yummy and The Temptaions But you still got to GO.

Your only king cat ( and Oldest cat and commaion)

Mu shue ( your shooey pie)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Iris's Week in Reviwe

I been here a week and I fink I going to like it here. On the second day mamma started rubbing me wiff towls and mu shue and lilly wiff them. She felt this was too hard so she let me sleep on one and mu shue put on in Lilly bed and One on mu shue cat rug for him to sleep one. she then switched them around. After two days she thought that it was time for me to meet Lilly Lu. She furry nice no hissing she was scard of me and ran off but latter joined me in sticky goodness and a game of warly bird. While this was happing she put mr Gouchy hissy cat in my room. to get used to my smell and to giff us the free range. The next day I met mr Gouchy hissy old ginger cat. for treets and a game of wirly bird. While he did hiss and Growl he never lailed a paw on me. That night I sleeped in my room again. The next day I again meet Mr hissy growl for some tempations and some wirly bird and crain as well as morning sticky goodness. again Hissing but never tryed to lay a paw on me expect he did try to lay his tough on me. He not kidding about this goomaholic thing. He has a problem wiff licking other cats in well area that we should lick are selfs. Since that went so well she let me stay out while she was home. One his roole I like alot. The help wake mama Laura up at 4:25 am. That works well we can tag team her no he takes one ear I take the other and he crys and I yowal and Lilly jump on and off mama chest. It worked well till she locked us out of the room. I was furry sad but Mu shue reassured me that if we cry and Yowal at the door she would come out and giff into us. And sure enough she did. He maybe be old hissy and Grouchy but he sure know how to get sticky goodness in the dish by 5:30 am shap. Today I became offial. I got a brand new collor and tags. See Lilly has a pick veltet collor wiff her name in Rindstones, Mu shue has a handsome rindstone like black coolor And mama never new what to get me. so she picked out a pretty pink and blue braided one wiff a rindston heart bell. I also nevfur had my own case. I browwsd lilly's old one to come home. Now I got my furry own pick carrer complet wiff my name. So any ways Now I stay out all the time Mu shue still hiss at me alot but he just old and grouchy and dose not like to be pounced on. I luff to do a suprizes ambush on him from the top of the tree. He is quite pouncbale but Lilly runs like the wind when chaced. Since Mama was going to pet smart to get Litter my new case and collor. I had her pick up a few gifts for mu shue and Lilly. from me maybe this way he be less grouchy. I finely deceised on a fresh nip plat kitty grass and temptaion chicken for mu shue. For Lilly I got her a a new pink bed to ciddle in some cats milk and a feather flyer. The fresh nip was a great idea beusce after that Mu shue would have been nice to a mousie if it pasted him path he was way gone. I post picuter of him wiff his nip plant latter. Well Thanks for all your support I got furry mousie to play wiff ball to play wiff and two cat who could uses a chaces and a pounce

And one last thing before I forget Lilly and I now have are own Blog Lilly and Iris Tell all

Iris ( a babby meezer)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Emencey Prayes for KC

Please pray for little kc She a cute little kitten who only a few weeks older than iris. she very sick and needs alot of prays. We luff you kc we praying no stop and sending purrs.


You told us to get along. And you know I part coon and Iris is a babby mezzer. So yes I must cry in your ear while Iris yowls in the other. while Lilly jumps on and off your chest at 4:25 am. We need to make sure you get up for that 5:30 am sticky goodness. You were a 1 min 30 seconds late wiff sitcky goodness yesterday so we all figered we try 3 times as hard.
Locking us out of the bed room makes us sad and yowal and cry louder. and make us very sad you dont want to make the 2 cutest cats and a cute kitten sad do you? So now just get up and giff us the sticky goodness

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Mama said we have to say what we thankful for so Since this is My blog I start

Mu shue's List
1) a great forever home wiff mama Laura( okay even wiff Lilly and that thing Iris)
2) being the cat mama Laura Luffs so much
3) kib kib
4) sticky goodnees
5) my drink well foution
6) The bed bed
7) chicky treets
8) the vet for making me better
9) catnip
10) the fact that if I play real nice tomrow i going to get Gravy and trucky

Lilly's List
1) a great foever home wiff mama laura and mu shue and iris
2)The luff of my fambily
3)Sticky goodness
4) kib kib ( espeilay mu shues)
5) All the beds I luff beds
7) great kitty dreems
8) my heated napper
9) a freind to pounce on mu shue for me
10) my dimmond kittne collor wiff my name

Iris's List

1) the fact that I have a fover home and I don't have to go back to the shelter
2)The fact that I met Lilly and she not hissing at me
3) the fact that Mu shue only hiss at me
4) wirly bird
5) sitcky goodness
6) kib kib
7) tem-tay-tions
8) toys speial giller bal1s mice
9)That fact that mu shue look very pouncable and That Lilly is quite pouncbale
10) My yowal mewo that I can and will use any time i want

We all thanful for all of you


Mu shue Pooh, Lilly Lu Maire, Iris Gracie Maire

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rules for Iris

Dear Iris,

I know i been hissing and maybe thown a few growls your way but I fing we can make this work there are a few rulees you need to know about.

1) i am the king you must adress me as King mu shue or your Hingness mu shue

2) You must lick my paws when asked

3) speeking about licking I am a groomahilc I luff to groom other cats you must let me groom you all over and sit still while i do this and not fight back or try to groom me

4) while on the subject of Grooming You must hold Lilly so she dose not paw puch me while i groom her all over especaly her bottom

5) This meezer mewo fing at 2:30 am for attenton must stop. I was all cuddly in the big bed next to mama laura when she had to get up and cheek on you

6) you must stop the meezer mewoing during the day. I am tired I sleep druning the day I am a senior catsion and must be treeted wiff respect so i can ap

7) Sticky goodness is seved at 5:30 am shap You may not eat my sticky goodness I eat the sticky goodness first and I may eat your

8) my kib kib is not for shareing but yours is

9) I see you like to pounce. You may nefur pounce on me. senior catson thing again But how ever Lilly is fair game and quite pouncbal if i say so my slef

10) I see you like my seeegul and wirly bird you may only play wiff them when I let you

11) all toys belong to me you may only play wiff what i let you

12) all beds belong to me enloching yours you may only sleep in one after i am done testing it out

13) one cat on the big bed at a time., You and Lilly are nevfur to be there it is my big bef

14) you must help me wake mama laura up at 4;25 am to prepaer for the 5;30 am sticky goodness

15) the drink well fountion is mine

16) all catnip is mine and i dont share

17) all chicken treets are mine and I dont share

18) I uses 2 of the four litter boxes my self are never to set paw in them

19) you are not only to cover for you but also for lilly. It drives me crazy she dont cover

20) the botom and the middle of the scrching tree is mine you may only use the tree when i let you

21) i make the rules and i can add or change any at any time

22) you must follow all my roole

If you have a problem wiff my rooles you can liff with Skeezix he may have a blue sweeter for you to wereand he finks you so coootie.

Mu shue Pooh King cat DONT FORGET THAT

Sunday, November 19, 2006

what I learned about the evial Iris

Evial Iris she poltting she up to no good I tell you

Name: Iris garcie Maire shelter name was as Senna

Likes: Fury mousie, gilter balls rosie the rats wirly bird kitten kib,kib and kitten sticky goodness, Playing pawie under door with the freidly white cat who not hissing at her

Dislike: The grouchy old hissing ginger cat on the other side of the door. ( Hay wait thats me) Haveing to stay in the spare room by her slef

Age: 4 mouths

Breed: simiees

occupation: Kitten play all day job to drive grouchy old ginger cat crazy ( she doing a good job of it)

Future goals: Make best freinds with freidly white cat who plays pawie under door. Try and win over Grouchy old ginger cat to be freind. Get out of room

Saturday, November 18, 2006

There a whole lot of hissing going on

This is Mu shue fanks for you well wishes I fell much better. But I hissing mad. It not bad enough 5 years ago she did this to me once wiff Lilly. I been Betrayed!!!!! THERE A KITTEN IN THE SPARE ROOM. HOW COULD SHE I did not think she could do such a horbuil thing. I am her king. I spent the morning hissig at the spare room. Lilly seem intred and has even played pawie under the door wiff this "THING" She clams her name is Iris Gracie Maire and she comming to liff here. HOW COULD MAMA DO THIS TO ME. I AM THE KING. This thing has new foody bowl a new condo and a new litter box and a new bed. This thing seem to has made it self comfy in the spare bed. But i expressig my dislike by hissing at the spare door. This thing going to know I AM THE BOSS AROUND HERE!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ungarded cearal Milk fair Game for Lilly ??

Hi all It me Lilly Lu mu shue feeling a bit better but asked me to post. so here the deal I once again haveing trubble wiff the dairy stuff. I dont know why It something about chesse, milk, ice cream eaven cream I been know to love them all. This morning I was not in the happest mood and I was on the besfust bar expressing my dislike of the new sticky goodness she made me try. when she put me down on the floor. And siad Lilly dont you have something to do. Yes eat you milk I mewo. I straveing I dont like this sticky goodness. She said Lilly be good. and went to the litter box. Well that milk was ungraded and It mine. So I jumped up and helped my self. When Mama retuned she said Lillan kayla maire. (uho full real name big trubble.) she had to pick me up before i stoped lapping it up Finnigan J Katz Esq I fink I need you help again I know you not finshed defening me for the last time but I have a dairy problm.

Mornig update

Mu shue asked but did not eat his sticky goodneess He did how ever look at his treety draw and beg for a chicky treat. He still sezzing and caughing was panting when playing wirly bird. If he not better this afternoon mama going to call the vet

I however was mad cat mama changed my sticky goodness see i only like pouch food and she gave me a can of food. I tryed to explan to her this is not my sticky goodness. But she said Lilly you eat what I giff you. I just eat some mu shue kib kib ensted

Lilly Lu fillinf in for mu shue while he under the bed sleeping

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Purrs still needed

Well i went to the vet had a chest x-ray i have a nasty upper reporty infectionm on the way home I had a sezzing fit. Mama got me antibotics I going to take them when I take my thyrido pill. If I not better in 24 hours the vet wants me back. I under the couch hidding I not been my self all day

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Purs needed

for the last few weeks i been acting like i been trying to hack up a hair ball but nothing comes up. I finely have a tinny one this morning but i still hacking. So mama takeing me to the vet she said wiff Iris Garcie Maire comming on sat she want to make sure I am in Tip top shape. I tryed to bring her to the King Cat wall Of fame in my house. This wall is a wall decated to me. it even has an huge picuter as big as me of me on it and lots of my glammor boy shots. and tons and tons of framed picuters of me. She looked at it and said while yes mu shue you are cute but now we need a blank wall For Iris. Lilly has a wall too but mine much better HUMMP I going to show this "fing' who the boss around her she can be dopted by someone else it time for me to put my paw down. Mama said she wish I just put a big hair ball down and save the trip to the vet.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Finnigain is on the case

Deer Queen Lilly,

I will be happy to take on yore case. I fink you have been framed (that
means somebody purrtended you did the crime to make you look bad) and we
will get all the charges droppd and no books will get frowed at you. That
wood hert! And yore brofur will not put you in a box if I haf annyfing to
say abowt it.

At yore serviss,
Finnegan J. Katz, Esq.


Take that mean mu shue. You not putting me in the box you labbed live cat and sending me any were Cuse I insentedt I can't help my dairy acctiction

Sunday, November 12, 2006

We have a problem

we have a problem my kitten freinds.

Yes me and Lilly are not happy campers.
Lilly said I should go on strike
she said she going to stop
hannging out wiff mama laura and stay furrry far away

whats this problem a smimess kitten. See mama came home wiff a new litter box and she said it not for me she came home wiff new foody bowls she clams they not for me a new cat condo again she clams not for me a new bed once again not for me. I dont under stand I the king of the house. a new kitten toys and she said they not for me. She put them in the spare room and closed the door and said mu shue this room is going to be off limits for a while I am bringing home a freind. A FREIND I HAVE LILLY WHY DO I NEED A FREIND.

Lilly :internups But mu shue a Kitten can be cute.

Mu shue: nothing cuter than me Lilly

Lilly: but mu shue a kitten is playful

Mu shue: Lilly I sixteen I dont want to be playful I want to rest

Lilly: But mu shue a kitten meeds more food and treets

Mu shue: well Lilly you do have a point. But you interupting me again Is that the fresser door i hear Is that an Ice cream scooper lilly

Lilly: oh I better invagate cant miss ice cream.

Now back to this sisution. All i know is she said something about awaiting vet refffence. Then something about a smimiee kitten she name Iris. Hummp There already one king I dont need a kitten... HELP

LOOk at me do I desever this is not Lilly enough


well now that my teets not been effected. LILLy LU is guilty mama laura thow the book at her!! Even better put her in the little box i prepered to go out ASAP marked live cat. send her away to dairy land. Just get rid of her do we relly need a dairy luffing white and black cat who will not let me kiss her all over especialy her bottom liffing here. Dont let that cute face fool you she do it again your dairy will nevfur be safe.

Needless to say Lilly ls looking for a new lawer kit as she convesed the dairy was planted so she get into it. I don't know

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bakeing Mews suspect confest

Dose this look like the face of a Guilty Cat Lilly asks

Cat name Lilly Lu confest to the cheese pop corn spilly and eating. Mama Laura came out with a big bowl of ice cream and Lilly Lu ran from under couch to cheeck out spoon action. When doing her normal Beg for ice cream rootine she mewoed she did it.
She will be tryed in the court of Mama Laura.

She will be defened by Mu shue Pooh King/ Lawer cat .... (yes I defending lilly this is my foody too on the line) We will be trying to get the confession thown out on the fact it was giffen under diress. There was Ice cream involed and Lilly Lu would do anyfing for ice cream including confess to a crim she might have or might not have conmitted. We also trying to get the edicen of the fur and paw prints and cheese resdie left on Lilly paws on she said they were all planted and illige seach and sezier. Mama had to seach warnt to enter the sean of the crime. We will be keeping you updated on bakeing mews as it happens.

This been Mu shue Pooh Reporting for Mu shue the king cats blog

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Cheese popcorn mystry

Sean of the Crime: one bag of smart food left untedeted and open and near edge of table. paw prints found at the sean of the crime also white hair

Prime suspect: Cat white with black spots name rymes with Sillly. Has an L. as her frist instal. Know to love all sorts of dairy. Cheese and Ice cream umong her faviort. Was seen eating the cheesy pop corn. and Licking paws. When apporeched suspected Barcaded her self under the couch and refused to come or untill breskfust or Ice cream is seaved

Upon closer inspection the paw prints found at the sean of the Crime blong to prim supect. a Complet Fur alnyss was done and Fur belonged to prime suspect.

Tryed to get an interview wiff prime supect from under the couch all she would mewo was no Comment uless there was ice cream or toona involed.

This has been Mu shue Pooh reporting for Mu shue the king cats blog.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Embrassing nick names

Meowing between me and Lilly About those nick names

Mu shue: MOL Lilly Plupernickle ?? ( mama nick name for her)

Lilly: Oh yea I would't meow to much about that shoe boy (mama nick name for me)

Mu Shue: Well at least I not a Plumpkin like you

Lilly: Na you a real pumpkin round and ornge

Mu shue: Oh yea.... LulU

Lilly: at least I not chinnes food mr Mooshie

Mu shue: Na you just Spotty girl

Lilly: What ever Shoey

Mu shue: Hay I am Speical Mama sings me that all the time

Lilly: Well I am Butfuil mamma sings that to me all the time

Mu Shue : Well... well Mu shue Paw puches Lilly

Lilly: Paw punches back and runs away

We Know you have them and we cats we curuious what they are. Or in are mama Just going cazy

Saturday, November 04, 2006


THIS IS A MENCEY I JUST ATE THE LAST POUCH OF IAMS LIGHT TOONA. i FINKY AND I FURY FUSSY ABOUT MY WET FOOD. SO I FIND ONE I LIKE AND I STICKING TOOO IT. MAMMA SAID LILLY THEY OUT AT THE MARKET OF YOUR FOOD HOW ABOUT OTHER.... HUMMP I STRAVE I TELL YOU STRAVE..... ( okay I wont strave I just eat Mu shue food) But My wet food is my special treat mu shue eats scripon food for irrated bowl symdrom if he dont eat that food mama carpet get dose of what he eats. He can have a few treat but thats it. My tonna is just for me. Not for mu shue. To Make it worst she said something about spin (Stary pets in need ) and a simmmies kitten who needs a forever home and haveing to cheek it out while she was ther picking up food....Hump I dont know how this will go over wiff mu shue he still recovering from getting me and that was six years ago.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Black Mail by Lilly

That brothfur of mine who calls him self a king is not furry nice too me He chaces me and pounces on me and said he going to send me too the moon So when after a nip attack he jumped into my bed I grabed Mamma Laura carma and I started shooting

Here is I Mr I too mocho to sleep in a pink bed..

Oggie lover of King cat you decied...

Wiff mama oggie this thing older then him and that old But he been seen kissing it he said it smells like mama Laura

mr king cat wiff oggie pooh

Mu shue and a few freinds

Lilly I only let Mu shue think he is King Lu

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I had to were the embrassing pooh ears so i gave my loudest mewo an out the nip came so good to be King

poseing wiff nip

Licking nip

recvoering from nip