Friday, March 30, 2007


I was tagged by mr henderix so here it goes 5 reson why i blog

1. I get to meet and lean about cats from all over the world

2. I get to hugg alot of cats

3. I make alot of new freinds

4. I lean about cool things like a storler ( my mama is sesouly conderinging)

5. I get to help make other cats feel good

five cats i taged

1. Rocky the Gutter cat

2. Chace

3. Fat Eric

4. Icon baxtor benetly

5. Calie of artys cats

Thursday, March 29, 2007

thusday 13

Well Mama laura felt real bad about the whole new bed fing and the fact i keep braking into her room to cuddle and get tosse out on my tail. I telling.. you just becuse they say she can't sleep wiff me for 2 weeks dose not mean i do not have needs so last night after my second helping of greenies and temp-tay-tions she said okay mu shue i get you something all i seen is more outfits for lilly lu. So i thought i might be hard to shop for so I thought i help her out

1. a new stroler i fink this one would be great we could go for jogs

2. a new quilt by millies mom after all the one on iris/ my sun chair need to go in the wash and i need something to ly one

3. a another buddy cat I know i had two but rember mama that one was destoryed

4. a sungle safe

5. a live nip
plant of my very own
I relly want one in the shape of Lilly Lu head that said Mu shue is the king but since this has yet to be inveted this will do

6 liv-a-little chicken treat they are yummy and so delousis i want more just thinkinh about it

7. temp-tay-tions every day a lest 10 times a day

8. a new cat tee I have my eye one this oen mine is looking a bit ragged

9. a new catnip rave i not had a new one in a long time

10 chicken flavored catnip it alrady invted an i want to try it

11.a big box for Lilly Lu so i can pack her up

12. this great bed

13. more than 18 greiinies a day

Come on Mama laura rember you sent me away for 3 whole day and i cryed and cryed and now you locked me out of the room did i tell you i cryed and cryed

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

wordless wide boady wednesday

how come i get sent away for 3 days I come home and Lilly Lu has yet another new bed ? Mama Laura did I not tell you I cryed for 3 days pass the tem-tay-tions

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Man cat Monday

This picuter was taken right before I was shoved in my prizon box driven 45 mins to raido cat and left for 3 days. I was showing mama I was a BIG BRAVE MAN CAT. even if i did cry

My trip to Raido Cat ( in Picuters)

Frist mama Laura shoved me in my prizon box this was taken in the hall of are building Before i knew it I was in her gold meadle moster

I was straped in the middle seat bealt and off went of a 45 Min drive

Frist we have to go on the hig way near are house it called root 9 thats Mama faviort ducken dounts they know he by name since she stop for her coffie every morning there.

Next wee went on another high way called Mass Pike mama always wines about this high way becuse of the tools and it funding something called the "big dig" that she never uses I wonder if they digging in a litter box This high conncots to another highway called 128 this is were it confusing becuse we live North west of the city but you have to go south even though you think you want to go north

We arived at Raido cat that was marked something else beucse there an emencey clinic there too. And we meet Nicole I imitely started to cry after being a good boy the whole time I would not even look at mama becuse she was just going to leave me there. Accding to miss Priss thats what mama calls her I mewoed the whole 3 days I was there i was furry upset and missed mama Laura and Lilly and Iris very much

I have to contutine this later becuse i getting upset again about that fact mamma Laura left me and I had to cry for 3 days. I luff mama Laura

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am home

I am home my mama got got caught in trafic and miss fing nichole called at 2 mins after she said were are you and she said look i am coming as soon as i can. She got there 10 mins late I was in my carrier and you could hear me mewoing out in the hall. She greeted mamma wiff your finely here he has not shut up in 3 days!!!! Mama said excuse me. She looked at mama like she had five heads. Mama had to sing some stuff and all was okay I was on my way out I cryed the whole way home untill we stoped at boson market to pick up din din. Mama Laura pulled out my collor and that was the second I stoped crying. We came home i cheeked out my churies dish it was refilled i ate boston market but lilly lu well for a cat who dose not like chicken as much as toona well she piged out. I played wiff my nip cigrage and had some promo nip and cheeked out my patio since it was still 50.

Then after a vist to my head and neack massuse Mama Laura I desied I should log one to my blog. Well I can see what Miss Lilly Lu was up to. I was glad she keeped you alkl in formed but furry mad she had change my blog pink. I had to pounce on her and teach her a lesson. I am not a pink cat no matter what miss Lilly saids. I am a litte upset about being locked out of the bed room and have cryed at the door But it feels good to be home.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3rd update on mu shue

mama got a message that mu shue was eating and drinking and resting in his cage and if she had any question to call back from Nicole. Well when she called back Miss Atudute did not want to giff her deitals. When she pressed her for them she got some but she was not happy wiff miss nicole and this is the 3rd time she not been happpy wiff miss prissy face tec. So she asked to speak wiff her supreiver and said if she did not speak wiff her she would be down asap to get Mu shue and if they did not let him go she call the police to get him back. Well after her suprivser said she was sorry for miss pressy face attdtue she said what can i do to make you feel better about his exprince she said NOT LET THAT NICOLE NEAR MY CAT!!!! needless to say that she got 2 more furry deialed updates today

Ice cream did land in my dish last night. I heard a roomer about boston market tomorow night for din din. last night was a little better for mama she used 3 blanket and after i fished laying by the front door I did come meet sleep on the bed. Iris pounce on me becuse she said she has to keep me in shape for mu shue she been bussy hitting his premo nip supply and sleeping on sun chairs

Mama had a better day fanks to free ice coffie at her faviort dunkin dountus she made 5 or six stops she said they should just hock her up to a coofie IV i fink she crazy.

So the plan is for mu shue to do the next update him self. I plan to feed him boston market for din din and then let him rool in some premo nipp then when he so nipped up and maybe passed out I show him his blog I fink it looks GREAT i am proud of my handy work !!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lilly Lu updateing Number two About Mu shue

Well mu shue will be able to come home Thusday Night about 7:30 pm mamma will be able to pick to pick him up. She had a short phone call wiff raido cat Mu shue is okay he eating we have a feeling they not telling the turooth and he seems fine in his cage they would not giff her more info pluse she was at work

Last night was furry hard I sleeped by the door of the apt waiting for mu shue while Iris wasted no time sleeping on the sun chairs she keeped moveing form sun chair to sun chair rolling on the quilts. while poor Mama shivered in bed alone. She said she had no idea that 15 lbs of fluff adddes so much warmth. She woke up 3 times shivering and wished she had her mu shue heating pad wiff her.

This morning we tryed to wake mama Laura up at are normal time but she was hard to get up Iris keeped saying No Lilly Lu you need to petickly cry like mu shue while you jump on her chest. I open my mouth and I just get my little squeaky mewo out.

I heard that thusday night that some boston market may appare for din din time and land in our bowls. Boston Market is Mu shue faviort food. he been knows to eat a half a chicken in seconds. Mamma said that if I am a good girl some Ice cream may apppre in my bowl tonight!!! Yea for Ice cream

We got a card Form skeexix today for sat Patty day. I wanted to open it right away and Iris wanted to wait So I opened it in seecect I show it to mu shue when he gets back

I like the new blog title alot I fink Mu shue will like the improvments I made to his blog don't you Good fing i did not sing that contart

Monday, March 19, 2007

Lilly Lu updateing about mu shue

Hi all It Lilly Lu wiff an Update Frist off if i am going to update I had to make a few changes here MORE PINK NEEDED!!!!! now that thats done Mama Droped Mu shue off at Raido cat. The women she talked to one the phone who told her to bring stuff was not there she was meet by a tech nicole. They would not let him have a speical bowl for sticky goodness HE DOSE NOT EAT FROM CARDBOARD HE THE KING. They said he could only have 3 things. Mama wanted him to have a bed he like, buddy cat, heating pad and a banket, they started quetioning her on why she add water to his sticky goodness to make it gravry the answere BECUSE HE LIKE IT LIKE THAT. Why he drinks bottled water. Beucse she dont trust the towns water and she would not giff him anything she would not drink he self. Poor mama was furry upset. They took off his collor and she crying every time she looks at it. I telling Iris and I have big work cut out for us. They then said that he can't sleep in the bed for TWO WEEKS!!!!!! after this is done they also gave her a bag of worlds best kitty litter Like i am going to pop on that BRING ON THE SWEET SCOOOP!!!! becuse his litter needs to be flushed after two weeks

They called at 7:30 to let us know he had his injoction and it went well Mama dont think he eat or uses the litter box the whole time he there becuse he tends to stress out alot at the vets

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Getting ready

Well tomrow afternoon I got to go to raido cat I still got to pack up I going for 5 days Lilly Lu said she keep you all updated on my bloggy she making me pay her wiff tem-tay-tions Okay she jumped on me and demaded tem-tay-tions somthing about staving to death I got to be at raido ca aat 4:00 my mama is leaving work at two she might have a brake down leaving me. Iris has been eyeing my sun chair and my primo nip supplele Lilly Lu has her eye on my desk bed and the big bed I told her if she thinks about it she get a good pounceing

Oh I got to gett Finny to make Lilly Lu sing a contract she not truning my bloggy pink she keeps holding up pink patches of fabirc to my bloggy and looking up at the best whay to chage Mu shue To LIlly Lu.

thanks for every fing ((((((((hugs to you all)))))))

Saturday, March 17, 2007

get well earl Gray

we purring and pray paws we sending you lot of hugs

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A trubite to Kayla

5 years ago today my best freind and sister cat floted to raindow bridge. I miss her every day I know she watches out for me Mama saw a Blue bird yesterday. I thought I share a little bit about Kayla Voilet Shy Princcess Cat. Kayla came to live with me in 2000 I had been Liveing with mama Laura for about 3 years when she came. Kayla came from another house of 25 cats she was resuced by the MSPCA and they found a no kill shelter to take them on. They named each of the girl flowers and each of the boys vetbtubles. Her shelter name was Voilet. When mamma inquired about her she found out she was in foster cate she had been matched with another cat who it did not work out. They thought she was the mother of some kittens then when to do her lady surgry only to find out it had been done we found out lady her overy on both times were not taken out and she go into heat. I loved Kayla the second maam Laura took her home to live with me. She hissed at me once and I was hocked for life I would spend hours kissing her gromming her sitting with her and loveing her. When she get her self into trubble the atcik at grandma I mewo my head off till someone would go find her.

She started loseing weight and they tested her or FIP it truned out postive. Mama Said Were not going down with out a fight. I love you Kayla and took her to Tuffts a fancey vet hosiptal over an hour away Where she met the most wonderful vet. Who took care of Kayla untill the end

Kayla passed on March 15th She waited untill mama came home to die in her arms when mama picked her up she gave one last goodbye and I love you and passed. Mama still crys You can see my tubtie to her on my side bar Mama said it weird that the only date they had open for Raido cat was the Frist monday after Kayla anpurrsery of going to the bridge and she saw a bule bird yesterday

To Kayla voilet shy Princes cat

And now we lay you down to sleep
You're finally at rest

My love for you we'll always keep
You were the very best

You gave me joy for 2 great years
A memory for each new day

Then came the day of all my fears
The day you passed away

A part of me you took with you
And the pain i can not stand

But when this life on earth is though
I know we'll meet again

I love you sweet Kayla
Be at peace now at rainbow brige

Mama Laura and Mu shue

Now my letters to Kayla

Hi sweet princees cat,

You never know how much I miss you and love you. It been five years. But sometime it still feels like yesterday was the day you passed. I think of you often. You would not belive it But Lilly Lu like the same special sticky goddness you liked. Only she more fussy about it since she alittle on plum side. Thank you for watching over me and holding my paws Mama keeps your collor is a showdw box wiff your brush. I love you sweet girls thanks for being my angle and gideing me all the way

You furr brother mu shue ( your furrever best freind)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thusday 13

Well I have alot of thank you cards to write tomrow but next monday I will be going away for 4 1/2 to 5 days from my mama Laura Lilly Lu and Iris too. I am going to get my raido cat done thanks to all you cats who helped me out!!! So I have to ask Finny to about a contract for Lilly Lu that she will not trun my blog pink wiff rindstone Lilly on it like she threning to do And that Iris will not take my sun chair when I am gone. Lilly Lu said she post in this blog how I am doing but there was a price. I told her the price was that I would not pounce on her the whole time I was away and I only giff her have the pouceing and chacing she desved when she came back. Some how she not bying this.

The 13 things I got to pack for Raido cat

1. Sticky Goodness

2. My scripin chunchies

3. bottled water I always drink Bottled water

4 buddy cat ( fanks Harrmeny Pillows)

5. My heating square

6. tee shirt that mama Laura sleeps ing

7. My grenn blakent

8. the speical tape mama Laura made me

9. My chest x-ray ( rrquired)

10 liv-a-little-chicken treats

11. speical bowl for sticky goodness

12. temp-tay-tion

13. greeins

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Meaning Of Mu Shue

What Mushue Means

M is for Magnificent

U is for Unusual

S is for Sporty

H is for Hyper

U is for Upbeat

E is for Earthy

Friday, March 09, 2007

a speical thank you

Ufoutily the crama thing is out of battrys and mama laura forgot to get them. But I like to put a very speical thank you up to Harrmeny pillows. I often bloged about my buddy cat how I drag him along by the tail and sit on his head. Well mama emailed them my story and they were so kind to respond. we got there name for KC so I tryed them. They sent me a huge gift box!!!! how can I every say thank you enough and a doation of five dollars for vet bills. I this was a snake a buddy pillow and A barnd new boady buddy!! just like my old one so i have him to take with me to raido cat Then they so kindly refuned all our money and wrote us a letter. Turns out she treated her cat six at the same vet hospital Mama treeted Kayla at!!! That is right off the major highway about 30 mins from here. Thats one of the reson mama moved her she knew if something afwalf were to happen we be okay beucse of Tufts. So a big thank you goes out to them.

so now if you kitts are looking for some Premo nip and a great toy by blogging cat I reccemed wiff all 4 of my paws harmmeny pillows Thanks again everyone

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thusday 13

Todays Thusday 13 is on the same them year of the hug i been huged some meany times
(((((((every cat))))) I luff you all

13 reson why i am exicted it is the year of the hug

1. Hugs are good for you

2. I can hug tons of cat

3. I can meet new freinds

4. I can hug mamma Laura just becuse

5. Maybe by hugging Lilly Lu she let me pounce her easer

6. It feels so good to hug

7. it feels great to be huged

8. hopely this will make the cat bloging family closer

9. I get to hug old freinds

10. I get to hug new freinds

11. It will make my furrsidter happy to hug there boy cats all the time for no reson

12. It will be fun to hug every cat

13. beucse I luff you all so much and each cat is so special to me !!

((((((Hugs from mu shue to all the cats on the blogphire)))

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why Do we need Just a day?

I got a wonderful email this morning From Beau thanking me for hugfest 2007. I was touched to see all the hugs I recived and all the comments and all the hugs being exchanged. In this wonderful email Beau thought wa should have make 2007 year of the hug. I thought about it how meany times do i open up my paws and just hug other cats just becuse? well the answer not enough. not nearly enough. Hugs are not only great to get and great to give did you know hugs are good for your heath they lower blood presser and make a heart heatlyer. Well from today on I vowe to Give more hugs Just becuce. We should not have to wait for a special day to hug.

So won't you take this vowe with me to Hug more and Hurtless

PS hurting less dose not mean I can't give Lilly Lu a drict paw to the head every moring followed by a tail chace and hiss. Bucuse that exserzie. It just means I hug her before I hit her and chace her

Friday, March 02, 2007


okay in light of every thing going on I think we need this every one open up there paws and start hugging each other In the words of maam faviort purrple dinnsor ( heck she works wiff toddlers all day) I love you you love me were one happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you wont you say you love me too..

{{{{{ every cat who can fit into my paw}}}} I luff you all

Mu shue Let play Hug tag... What 4 cats have you huged I start every cat hug four other cats and were all be hugging in no time

1. Grrr coco and midnigh

2. Icon baxter bently

3. Kc and Missy

4. Kazie

Update I am so exicted to have HUGANOTHER CAT DAY be such a SUCCESS. I even huged Lilly Lu this morning before i hissed at her and hit her on the head ( what can I say old habbits die hard) But i am so excited that with the frist 4 hugs i given i watched so meany other cats been huged. We as cats can accomish great things when we stop hurting and start hugging. Mama Said other great thing about workig with toddlers is the uncondtial hugs she gets all the time. She said no matter what is going on when she stop and starts singing the "I love you" song with her kids they put down what every they are doing and start hugging each other. Maybe we can learn from the very young hummins after all when they grow up were going to need them to take care of us.

So with that in mine I want you to know That I luff you alll and we relly are one happy family. And like a Family we all diffent but thats what makes us unquine. UHOOO I feel another Barney song coming on ... Mama you got to get rid of that dinnsor.... I love you all> Conder your self Huged

Thursday, March 01, 2007

thusday 13

13 things That need to be done

1. My kibble bowal needs filling

2. Boston Market chicken for diiner

3. Tem-tay-tions for snack

5. Halo chicken treats for sank after snack

6. greenie for snack before snack

7. roll in nip

9. Take a nap on buddy cats head

10. get msms to fix the desk lap

11. Cuddle wiff mama

12. Mewo for food

13. cry for food ( nothing like a main coon cry for the sypthey of mama mama )