Thursday, March 29, 2007

thusday 13

Well Mama laura felt real bad about the whole new bed fing and the fact i keep braking into her room to cuddle and get tosse out on my tail. I telling.. you just becuse they say she can't sleep wiff me for 2 weeks dose not mean i do not have needs so last night after my second helping of greenies and temp-tay-tions she said okay mu shue i get you something all i seen is more outfits for lilly lu. So i thought i might be hard to shop for so I thought i help her out

1. a new stroler i fink this one would be great we could go for jogs

2. a new quilt by millies mom after all the one on iris/ my sun chair need to go in the wash and i need something to ly one

3. a another buddy cat I know i had two but rember mama that one was destoryed

4. a sungle safe

5. a live nip
plant of my very own
I relly want one in the shape of Lilly Lu head that said Mu shue is the king but since this has yet to be inveted this will do

6 liv-a-little chicken treat they are yummy and so delousis i want more just thinkinh about it

7. temp-tay-tions every day a lest 10 times a day

8. a new cat tee I have my eye one this oen mine is looking a bit ragged

9. a new catnip rave i not had a new one in a long time

10 chicken flavored catnip it alrady invted an i want to try it

11.a big box for Lilly Lu so i can pack her up

12. this great bed

13. more than 18 greiinies a day

Come on Mama laura rember you sent me away for 3 whole day and i cryed and cryed and now you locked me out of the room did i tell you i cryed and cryed


Daisy said...

Mu shue, that is the exact same stroller that I have! We have a snuggle safe too, they are great and they stay warm for about 10 hours. After your radio-cat ordeal, you deserve some special gifts.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Great list Mu Shue. You do deserve some special gifts. oooo I gotta tell you from what I've seen those quilts by Millie's mommy look very very comfy and warm, and they support a good cause. You could request a green one to show off those eyes! Your mommy couldn't resist you then. Snuggle safes are fun and that bed looks a little bit like a throne....
Oh! I tagged you for a Me-Me. This one is 5 reasons why you blog. I feel like I should tag Lilly & Iris too so they don't feel left out. Please don't get upset...

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Mu Shue, wat is this talk abowt you can't sleep wif yore mama Laura?? She was so upsetted wile you were gone and she coodn't sleep, how is she sposed to sleep wifowt you even longer? Reedikerus!


Tara said...

Aw..give your poor mommy a break, she was furry worried about you..but I do agree you need a few new cool things!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Mu Shue, we are purring for you to get your deserved things, our humans can be daft sometimes, forgive. And if not forgive BITE! Purrs and Purrs and Love

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I think you deserve all 13!!