Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thusday 13

Well I have alot of thank you cards to write tomrow but next monday I will be going away for 4 1/2 to 5 days from my mama Laura Lilly Lu and Iris too. I am going to get my raido cat done thanks to all you cats who helped me out!!! So I have to ask Finny to about a contract for Lilly Lu that she will not trun my blog pink wiff rindstone Lilly on it like she threning to do And that Iris will not take my sun chair when I am gone. Lilly Lu said she post in this blog how I am doing but there was a price. I told her the price was that I would not pounce on her the whole time I was away and I only giff her have the pouceing and chacing she desved when she came back. Some how she not bying this.

The 13 things I got to pack for Raido cat

1. Sticky Goodness

2. My scripin chunchies

3. bottled water I always drink Bottled water

4 buddy cat ( fanks Harrmeny Pillows)

5. My heating square

6. tee shirt that mama Laura sleeps ing

7. My grenn blakent

8. the speical tape mama Laura made me

9. My chest x-ray ( rrquired)

10 liv-a-little-chicken treats

11. speical bowl for sticky goodness

12. temp-tay-tion

13. greeins


Daisy said...

Mu shue, it sounds like you are all set for yer radio-cat treatment. Good luck, I will be thinking about you. I know it will go well, and then you will be all better!

ps: Maybe just one teeny, tiny, eensy little pink thing on yer blog while you are away?

INAMINI said...

It sounds like you're all ready for your treatment. The best to you, Mu shue.