Saturday, April 28, 2007

Catnip Goroge

For Lilly Lu gota day gift grandma got us these cute cat planter wiff catnip growing in the

This Is Catnip Goroge

Hi Gorge My name Is Mu shue it nice to eat oppps I ment Meet you.

I will be eating you oopps i ment greeting you today

Thursday, April 26, 2007

and today we celbrate

Today we finely gave Lilly Lu the party she wanted. Mama took her out in her brand new storler Let me tell you she mewoed for about a 1 and 1/2 at the stroller after she was done and keeped jumping in as to say her 1 mile walk wiff mama was not long enough and mama should go longer and more.

Grandma came over and Gave us gifts Lilly Lu got a brand new electric litter box she been mewoing about for some time from grandma and two dress one has a teara on it and is in pink the other said LADY and is in pink. She said this will be for her pink Lady partys she has to go to. Grandma also gave her two banda one pink and white spots aned the other pink camfalse to do her pink Ladys work in.

Grandma gave us Two catpanters and two fresh catnip plants to go in them for my outside patio I luv it out there and some wind chimes of a white cat wiff black spots holding a fish in it mouth.

She gave some more mousie that Iris is busy trying to get under the couch.

Mamma booked grandma mothers day present. She takeing her to high tea. When mamma was little once she took her to high tea at a fancey hotle. So she thought when she saw this High tea at a hotle she knew it was ment for grandma and her. it will be fun to do. Hay maybe Fat eric can giff us some tea pointers.

Well we just got to get the carma cord and Lilly Lu will be posting her Fashion show firday post. This one for every one but espiely Mr henderix he will under stand why.

Lilly Lu has desied she likes what mama calls Junk kibble Seince deit hair ball kibble it made wiff corn gutent mama is furry worried she trying to switch her over to wellness but Lilly Lu keeps picking out the sicence deit kibbke. she had ice cream again she had a cat sunday today and yesterday 2 scoops of ice cream wiff toona topping wipped cream and dary temp-tay-tion let just say I did not even get a bit when she was done wiff it!!! mama said it all about callories wiff her. Oh thank you kiko and sabi for the fish flakes. They came today they made her smile we try them soon!!! I almost forgot Lilly Lu is now on a sticky goodness rebeline she will not touch the stuff. Lets just say Iris and I are eating fury fury well. So much for only eating my vet kibbble

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuseday and wedneday wiff Lilly Lu

So Lilly Lu is eating not as much as mama would like and she still has no BM but the vet said yesterday he only felt a small amount of stool and did not fink she was contpated. She gets all the good stuff when she eats form my blow in sted of saying No mama Laura just said okay. Hay wait thats My bowl When she eats from Iris kitten kibble Mamma Laura said okay better has more fat more callors. She getting 2 cans of tick goodness every day since this is what she seems to like most. she eat about a 1/4 to 1/2 a can she makes sevral smalll trips. She still being feed high callorie foumal 2 times a day she purrs while she gets them. At bed time the food goes away till 5:30 am becuse some of her medison neeed to be on a empty tummy at night to work. Hay wait one moment Mama Laura My tummy still not full.

Lilly Lu has a new theam song to the tune of The cat came back

The Lilly LU came back
They thought she was a gonner
But the Lilly Lu came back
She just could not stay away!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday wiff Lilly Lu

It was a brght and sunny day the weather got hot!! and Lilly Lu desied she could no longer be fouce feed and started eating her self!!!! It was about a half a can but it all by her self The vet gave Mama some fomual to suplment her wiff 2 times a day and bigger sringe and some antibotics. Lilly Lu was also given atntibotics. and they uped her predzion a little so wiff all that she should be back to her self in now time she even mewoed at the fashion draw and was mad to see mama Laura had packed up her fashion stuff. She needs to drink more water but she said she probley be able to blog on firday if all goes well as she did not want to miss another Fashion show Firdy she want to show off her Talk to the Paw shirt. she mewoed to the vet about how she missed gota day and it was his fault he then said she could have a toy she chose a sunngle safe and we put it in her new bed that she currled up in.. The vet said ONE NO MORE FAISHON MAGIZENS !!! as she idilize the wrong fings and went anzixic 2. she must be best freinds wiff the big cat upstairs becuse she was so sick !! 3. How meany Lives dose she have left now> to that answer we figer 7

He also talked to the front desk pepole and they know that a cat not eating is an emmencey. this is what happed

Lily Lu stoped eating for some reson probly and infection and lost alot of weight when a big cat Like Lilly Lu stops eating the fat goes stait to the Liver cats have problems procceing fats and there livers can get quite sick and if not treated agressivy ASAP they can die!!!! it sommen name is catted Fatty Liver sydrom Thats what they belived happened to Lilly Lu

Sunday, April 22, 2007

sunday wiff Lilly Lu

Update: the good news the red sox won and hit 4 home runs one after aonter after another after another in Lilly Lu honner. she eaten six bits by her self while yes it something it not enough to support her My mama going to call the vet becuse she can countione to feed her 3 or 4 Ml every 2 hours around the clock she has to work she needs to bring home green pappers to pay lectry get food and tephone and other stuff. she would if she could and she has this weekend but she said it stops here tonight. So Lilly Lu will probley need to be seen by the vet again


The sun is out the weather is purrfect The red sox beet the yankkes Lilly Lu faviort pitcuer is pitching tonight Dice K and the Yankees don't even stand a chance. Lilly Lu is up and around she looks better then she has in along time. she not eaten yet but i can see 100 % diffence Lilly Lu self is starting to come back !! She been on my screened in patio for a few mins. Mama said she might put toghter the storrler and let her be the frist to take a ride!! Please contutue to purrr as today is a furry importent day the meds had 48 hours to work and today is the day!!! please purr I know Lilly Lu is feeling better

Oh by the way My Mama got kicked out of pet smart. There was a rep pushing blue spa sleclet as a safe alurtive we found out that they recalled kitten faulam Guess what IRIS WAS EATING IT. My mama went crazy!!!!!!!! she said just 100 bags were infected they never left the factory they recalled it just to be safe. My mama had a cow she said she knows the compney will pay to have Iris tested. Especly after going tough this wiff Lilly Lu. Let put it this way My mama will not be going back to pet smart natick any time soon!!! opps good fing we live near pet co and Pet world and pet world has Kitty City that mama valutress at

Mu shue

Saturday, April 21, 2007


well this is not the gota day post i planed but okay. lilly Lu has lived wiff me and mama laura five years we sad she not up to party. I know she had hoped for one. But some progess mama Laura is fouce feeding Lilly Lu special food. at frist she go fast but now that she gose very very slow lilly Lu seems to expect it her eyes are open and alrt this afternoon. Mama Laura gave her her new bed she got for her gota day and put it down where she was lying she started to make biscit in it and then layed down and rested in it. it looks so big compared to her being so tinny now she sleeping in it as we speek. We spoke to the vet this morning. right now we feel it best she stay home were she is loved.

Mama Laura let me and Iris get the gift Lilly Lu picked out for us before she was sick. It was a yellow and purrple yowal catnip pillow i spent house bunny kicking mine and Iris tryed to distory hers. She picked out promo Nip. I guess that just the kind of sister she is even though it her big day she wanted to make sure we were not left out. Please excuse the lack of picuters While we are taking them we feel that Lilly Lu would not want her public to see her like this.

please contoue to purr we luv lilly lu and don't know what we do with out her

Friday, April 20, 2007


they said they done all they can at the vet so they let her come home and see if she eat here so far she just hid under the bed se has 24 hours before mama Lauta takes her back if she dose bot eat but right now we got to watch the red sox

Mu shue

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More on Lilly Lu

7:00 am update
Lilly lu ultra sound show no mass in her liver but it did show her liver lighting up that with her high liver leavls they think why ever she started not eating is starting to effect her liver what they are going to do is start her on medication to help her liver and we know more in 48 hours. If that dose not work they could do a liver bipocey. My mama has mixed feeling about this. They think it eather hypotlidous or lymphoma both not good. My mama feels she dose not want to put Lilly lu though major sugery for nothing.. Lilly Lu has lived the best 5 years of her life wiff us almost six and if she needs to go then maybe it time. My mama is leaking as she helps me write this Please purr like you never purred before for a major turn around in 48 hours. They are foce feeding her right now. Her gota day is tomrow she will live here 5 years I know she was looking forward to it now she going to be at the vet. The red sox play the yankkes tonight she was also very much looking foword to this she had all sorts of plans wiff her catster group “red sox fan club PURR EVEN HARDER FOR THE 48 HOURS

UPDATE 7:30 PM okay mama talked to the vet IT NOT THE FOOD YIPPIE SKIPPIE. her urin is showing all sorts of bacrtica so they started her on Iv antibotics. They said it looks like her liver it dose not look like an obsution they think her liver is sick from not eating and they said it can be a down words sprilal she still not eating they going to ulra sound her liver we know more info then Keep purrig COMEON LILLY LU GET BETTER WE LUFF YOU LOTS AND LOTS YES EVEN ME after all who else will i chace into the hall!!! mama made some promice to Lilly Lu so she has some work cut out also tell her to stop chaceing me around wiff Lilly Lu girly stuff. I not putting on a spotted party dress even for Lilly lu

UPDATE 5:00- mama saw Lilly Lu she head bonked alot and purred the whole time LILLY LU NEVER PURRRS. mama passed on all you well wishses Lilly Lu looked a little better then yesterday but that not hard to beat at the end she curled up on her pink blanket and took a nap. Mama showed her the gift from kinko and saidi had sent her before she was sick and she laughed at it she was waring a yellow bangnge on her foot she keep stoping it on her pink blanket as too ask why it was not pink. She purred real Lould when she head you all turned your blogs pink she also loved the idea of Jetter Hairs wereing his Pink redsox hat while watching the yankees play the red sox. I told her that there was no tv at the vet and the weather was prime storling weather and her gota ya day is right around the conner and she never know when a pre bought stroller might come her way!!! And she has a duity to her fan to modle all her cute clothes and a duity to her sox to be ther spotty good luck chair and she was not pracking mewoing in Japenees for nothing. Mama going to call the vet at 7 and bonce some ideas off them and she what they say. Please keep purring and about buddy cat I SAID ONCE OR TWICE NOT ALL THE TIME MAAM also said she smelled like litter box becuse she been sleeping in it. Thats closer then she ever goten to a litter box here !!!!!

Update 9:30 am- Okay they want to do a full boady x-ray mama said okay she going to go see Lilly Lu she going to take her he faviort some toona water some cream some chicken and print out all your well wish and her faviort pink blanket she She sleeps in it in my hut for right now she is stable for right now the hotle is furry nice we got a room wiff a queen sized bed mama said we can only stay here another night at most becuse it expesive it just a hoilday inn but still nice. Grandma and Grandpa are trying to up there fight back to Ma for the summer to be wiff mama Laura I hope
Prince Little Mooshie and Pricess dont uses my stuff at grandma Come Lilly Lu you can get better I even Let you sleep wiff buddy cat once or twice If you get better real quick I fink that being more than genorous

Fanks for all your support !!!! keep purring

Blood work show that it affecting her liver and her calicom is high we wating on the rest the vet think it was the food my mama is going wiff us to a hotle she said she just cant stay here any more. She go to grandma winter house bu there too meny meomry there too Please Puurrr I going to put she contuitne on Iv fulids at the vet she eaten nothing and not used the litter box please purr this is the frist time she ever been away from home I truning my blog Pink in her support becuse she luffs pink and I know she fink it great when she gets Home please join me trun your logs pink

I forog to addd My mama might need To hire Finnny she saying that she going to do some very bad fings to menu food I fink hireing Lilly Lu lawer cat in adavce is a good idea After all he got Lilly Lu out of muptple jams and I fink he maybe can save mama Laura
Update: lilly lu went the the mency vet this am she was having she looked alfwal
Please purr extra head she lost alot of weigh she gone from 12.8 lbs to 7 ls and the vet think it becuse of the stupid recalled food!! My mama is so upset she could hurt meanu food they waiting for her blood work to come back they said there a good chace she might go to the bridge i been attached to mamma laura we know more at 6:30 please keep purring like you never purred before we luff Lilly LU !!!!!! We fink there still fight left in her she faught to get into her carrier she hate her going into her shepa bag Mama said she do any fing and figer out how to pay got it latter to take care of Lilly Lu this must e a night mere please wake us up and tell us it not happing Lilly Lu is at the vet getting IV fulid


my mama has been leeaking alot she moved her vet aptment up to tonight at 6 she said Lilly Lu is not her self she will not go in any of her beds it like she wants to be in a diffent room then mama Laura. She never been much into cuddling but now she wont even stay in the same room she spends most her time sleeping when offerd food she acts like she going to vomit. when i licked her and hit he she just layed there My mama has been crying. She wonders if she see Kayla. She feels like she lost alot of weight she not eaten any thiing since firday and mama keeps crying. she did notice when she got home from work that her fur was wet liked it been groomed so we hopeing she was gromming. Please purr extra hard for Lilly Lu my mama dont know if she beable to go on wiff out her she been her almost 6 years. Please purr that it nothing. Iris was going to update her blog on Lilly Lu but it to painful to fink of anyfing please purr your heart out for Lilly Lu.

We just hope it not that nasty food she was eating made her sick please purr it something fixable like an infection and she be back to her old Lilly Lu!!!

Come on Lilly Lu the red sox need you there playing the yankkes this weekend at fenway they need to rub your spots for good luck!!! also her Gota day is April 21st

Monday, April 16, 2007

something not right wiff LLilly Lu

something not write wiff Lilly Lu she not mewows for morning sticky goodness She spending alot of time hdeing under the desk. This is no fun for me Since now I feeling frisky since my thryido has been fixed. This give me no chocie but to play wiff Iris and well she too intence a player for me I can't keep up wifff that kitten!!!

and worst she was not intrested at all in her cloths and some are even getting too big!!!! I asked her if she wanted to play in my blog I let her turn it pink and she said No mu shue I not in the mood She going to the vet thusday at 2:00. I told her she got to get better this weekend not only is it her gota ya day on the 21st The yankees play the red sox in fenway and she needs to be in tip top shape for that

Mama Laura is beside her slef wiff worrie that something is wrong she said she can't take two sick cats in a year !!! so if maybe if you send a few purrs her way at thrusday at 2:00

I know i said i don't like her but she is my sisfur
Mu shue

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lilly Lu you can come out now

Lilly Lu you can come out from under the bed now!!! I ready to play chace you out the apt again and play sit on your head and chaces you out into the closet and did

Lilly Lu: I not comeing out

mu shue: aswww Lilly dont you want to see the hall

Lilly Lu: mu shue i not in the mood

Mu shue: aww lilly you just being a bad bad sport

Lilly Lu: well this time your not the one going to the vet

Mu shue: Yuppp true ( zippy do da Lilly go on vaction I get an a Lilly free hour

Lilly Lu: fine you laugh now

Mu shue: yup it your eye this time thats so gucky you need to go to the vet becuse there was so much yellow goop comeing out of it that you could not open your eye

Lilly Lu: you better whatch out mu shue or i put yellow goop on you

mu shue: Lilly Lu I see you even better it hall time


Thursday, April 12, 2007

13 things about mamma laura

1. she never had any pets growning up

2. She went to alot of diffent school growing up

3.she always wanted to be a teacher

4. Her dreem is to run Laura's Garden center ( this is a center based on a big farm for lill burrby babie and speical need bubby babby and toddler and pre-schoolers. wiff lots of thepy amimals and fun and they all lean expetince)

5. Mama Laura going to get her masters in early childhood ed

6. Mama Laura has a BA is special ed

7. She works wiff abused and negleted toddlers

8. She has know me inside out

9. She sings me my speical song every night before bed so we can cuddle

10. She giff me my faiort treets

11. She dose not like winter

12. She the best cuddler


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Man cat modaday My faviort toy gone missing

It okay for a man cat to have his faivort toy and mine is Buddy cat I mewoed about him before I drag him almost every were. I luv this thing so much. I even had a spare so i could bring him to buddy cat with me

Here i am sitting on buddy cat head on iris sun chair. So i left him here for a short while and he was missing My prime susbecect Iris was off playing wif her new nip carrrot witth feather top trying to destory it. I hid mine from her So I knew it could not be her. I looked High and low and looke were i found buddy cat

yes Miss Lilly I don't do Catnip Lu has my buddy cat and I asked her for him back politley and she said I should take better care of my stuff becuese it fit so well in her paws in her bed that she was keeping it. Well i dont think so LIlly Lu I have one thing to say MAMMA LAURA...... LILLY LU HAS BUDDY CAT MAKE HER GIVE HIM BACK !!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Who Me ? Getting rid of Lilly Lu

Here i am relexting on my desk bed wiff out a care in the world and what happens there was a knock on mama Laura's apt door mama Laura nabior tells her "Lilly Lu out in the hall" just becuse i was seen trying to open the door and chaceing Lilly Lu around near the door dose not mean that I did it. OK so it dose but just becuse when she was gone i went to my faviort nap spot for a well desvered Getting Lilly Lu out of here nap dose is no resson to wiff hold tem-tay-tion.

After all lets look at the fact Lilly Lu has been a pain in the tail for the almost 5 years i tryed to get rid of her more than once. She will not let me sit on her head or groom . Her head is very sittable makes a great nap spot and best place to pin her down and groom her.

I think an apploygy is an order mama laura wiff and extra tem-tay-tions

Thursday, April 05, 2007

tagged ( meem)

How do you achieve balance in your life? I have a very set rootine. This rootine goes as followsd

5:25- am wake mama Laura up by crying in her ear

5:30- sticky goodnees in bowl

5:40- Groom after sticky goodness/ go out on screen in pourch

5:45- Chaces Lilly Lu pounce on her sit on her head and try to groom her

5:50- eat chunchies

5:59- take nap

6:10- Cry at mama for my morning greenies/ temptayions/ chicken treets

6:15- make sure mama laura understands it time to give me my geenies

6:20- nap

6:45 sit on mama Laura shoes so she can not leave

6:50 cry at door so mama Laura feels bad about leaving me

7:00 -1:00 nap on sun chair, big bed, and desk bed

1:00- meet mama Laura for lunch fill up on afternoon cururies/ go out or beg to go out on screed in patio

120: sit on mama Laura shoes

1:25- cry at door get chin suchies

1:30 cry more and louder

1:30-5:45 nap

5:45 meet mama laura at door din din/ beg for patio time

6:00 groom

6:10 Chase Lilly Lu into closet pin her down sit on her head and groom hrt

6:15 wirley bird/ nip wiff Iris as Lilly Lu is off hideing

7:00 chicn scrunchies wiff Iris

8:00 - before bed time snack temptay/greenies/chicken treets

9:00 bed/ snuggle

2:30- am Chase Lilly Lu sit on her head try and get door to place open so I can get Lilly Lu to leave her self.

3:00 am back to bed for cuddle time because i been told to knock off beating up Lilly Lu

What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life? Lilly eating my food and Iris sleeping on my sun chair and desrebing my nap time

What are your priorities? How have your priorities changed over time and why? Well when i was street cat i was all about how to get my next meal now that i am a spoiled cat I am all about cuddling napping and food as i goten older i become more cuddley. After Kayla died i had to take her place so i had to change mty priorties to help heal mama Laura broken heart

What advice can you share to help all of us balance our own lives? It better to be King Cat than Street cat complain often and loud purr much and cuddle often and it okay to pack your sister in a box i been trying for 5 years. I even packed her suit case more than once

( i tagg any kitt who wants to do this

Sunday, April 01, 2007

story of pasover

Pass over is monday an i thought i tell you the real story of pass over

Along time ago the visuiss deer were not nice to the cats they used them as slaves. a simple cat who was called mossses ( but was went by Mu shue) went to the lead vissuis dear and said "let my cats go" and the lead visuis dear laughed at Mu shue Mu shue warned that if he did not let his cats go free there will be plegs put on the visuis dear of the land He said that G-D will not be happy

so g-d put 10 plags on the cats and visuis deer of the land
Lice (vermin)
Wild Beasts(flies)
Blight (sticky goodness Disease)
Slaying of the First frist dreer

The cats all marked there door wiff lambs blood so there kittens were saved.

Finely the lead viusis deer said go free and the cats did not have time to make there cuchies and wait for them to rise so they had to eat flat chunchies

Mu shue lead them to the red sea and it was non passable he waved his staff and g-d parted the red sea

the had to live meany years in the desert before they could find a forever home.

It is called pass over becuse g-d pass over the cats house and saved there frist bron kittens. also we eat mazza becuse we did not have time for the chunchies to rise