Thursday, April 26, 2007

and today we celbrate

Today we finely gave Lilly Lu the party she wanted. Mama took her out in her brand new storler Let me tell you she mewoed for about a 1 and 1/2 at the stroller after she was done and keeped jumping in as to say her 1 mile walk wiff mama was not long enough and mama should go longer and more.

Grandma came over and Gave us gifts Lilly Lu got a brand new electric litter box she been mewoing about for some time from grandma and two dress one has a teara on it and is in pink the other said LADY and is in pink. She said this will be for her pink Lady partys she has to go to. Grandma also gave her two banda one pink and white spots aned the other pink camfalse to do her pink Ladys work in.

Grandma gave us Two catpanters and two fresh catnip plants to go in them for my outside patio I luv it out there and some wind chimes of a white cat wiff black spots holding a fish in it mouth.

She gave some more mousie that Iris is busy trying to get under the couch.

Mamma booked grandma mothers day present. She takeing her to high tea. When mamma was little once she took her to high tea at a fancey hotle. So she thought when she saw this High tea at a hotle she knew it was ment for grandma and her. it will be fun to do. Hay maybe Fat eric can giff us some tea pointers.

Well we just got to get the carma cord and Lilly Lu will be posting her Fashion show firday post. This one for every one but espiely Mr henderix he will under stand why.

Lilly Lu has desied she likes what mama calls Junk kibble Seince deit hair ball kibble it made wiff corn gutent mama is furry worried she trying to switch her over to wellness but Lilly Lu keeps picking out the sicence deit kibbke. she had ice cream again she had a cat sunday today and yesterday 2 scoops of ice cream wiff toona topping wipped cream and dary temp-tay-tion let just say I did not even get a bit when she was done wiff it!!! mama said it all about callories wiff her. Oh thank you kiko and sabi for the fish flakes. They came today they made her smile we try them soon!!! I almost forgot Lilly Lu is now on a sticky goodness rebeline she will not touch the stuff. Lets just say Iris and I are eating fury fury well. So much for only eating my vet kibbble


Parker said...

Yeah! All good news! How wonderful! All my purrs to all of you! So happy! WooHoo!

Tara said...

I'm glad Lilly Lu is doing so much better!

Did you get our card?


Daisy said...

I am very very happy that you were able to celebrate Lilly Lu's Gotcha day in style! And wowie! A new stroller? That is very wonderful. I hope you all have some fun strollering adventures.

DEBRA said...

We is doin our happy dance now that things are gettin better n better wif Lilly LU!! You go Miss Lilly!


The Furry Kids said...

Thank you for the update, Mu Shue. You're a good brother to dedicate your blog to filling us in about LL. We are soooo glad that LL is eating. And the strollering sounds like a ton of fun. We can't wait to see her new outfits.
Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Ooo, a stroller! We bet dats fun. Sorry yoo din't get any of LL's sundae, but she reely need da kalorees. Yeah, mom has me on a diet too. It's been almost a year and I lost almost 3 pounds. 'Kay, I wuz a little, um, er, round. My butt fits in da little bed now so I gess it's working.

Gattina said...

My cats never saw a stroller and me either (I mean for cats) I think it doesn't exist in Belgium because most of the cats are outdoors.
Anyway you were all very spoiled ! I tried to do that to and bought for the first time catnip you can see the result ... sigh*

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh dat sounds like lotsa fun! We's so so so so happy Lilly Lu is feelin lots better. We'll keep sendin purrs her way til she's all way better tho. Mommy keeps gettin all leeky eyed bout Lilly Lu and says it's good leeky eyed this time. Yoo's been a grate brofur and repurrter thru all this, Mu Shue.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

yao-lin said...

high tea that sounds very posh indeed! My human has never been to high tea although I, as a royal siamese cat, am well versed in the etiquette associated with it, I just prefer to have steak dinners these days. .

Glad Lily Lu is better too xx

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Yippie! Lilly Lu is better and you had a great party and spoiling from grandma and grandpa. Did the prince and princess come up with them???
My tail is twitching with happiness that everything is back on track and you're all healthy and happy. Ask your mommy to try the Prescription Hill brand hairball stuff. Our vet says it is very similar to the Science Diet stuff.

Derby said...

I am happy you had something to cellebrate!

Chairman Mao said...

WOO HOO!!! Me and the Ballicai are dancin' and prancin' all ofur the house we're so happy. Yay for Lilly Lu! And how awesome that youkitties gotcha a new stroller.

Three cheers for Lilly Lu! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip horray!

Love and hugs from our home to yours,

Chairman Mao, the Ballicai, and our Beans

Lux said...

It sounds like Lilly Lu is doing much better; I'm very happy about that!

Suzanne said...

mu shue, how you doing, bud?

thanks for keeping us filled in on lilly lu. it sounds like her gotcha day party was grand! do you have any desire to go out in the stroller with her? (i think mama laura's going to get lots of exercise!)


Karen Jo said...

I am so glad to read that Lilly Lu is feeling so much better. I'm a little sad that she won't eat the food the vet wants her to eat, but so happy that she is eating something again. I'm also glad that she was able to have her Gotcha Day party at last and enjoys her stroller so much.

INAMINI said...

Wut a wunderful party fur Lilly Lu! We're so, so glad she's feeling better. Please show a pikshur of hur in hur new stroler. Now that's a cool gift!