Thursday, February 28, 2008

UMMMM lilly Lu Firday 14

Lilly Lu came out of hiding for maybe 5 mins to look at her food bowl hand me a list and then run back away. She said this was a list Of things she had to do by march 3 and since she sick it up for me to do them for her But i have to put my paw down on someof them.

1. get a truck full of toona Jucie ( lilly i think you gone off the deep end)

2. Get 400 catnip filled bollons. (humm ths might be fun)

3. Get lots of tree for tree climbing ( umm lilly i not going to the forest to get trees)

4. Make a very special post on catster.... ( well if your sick I guess i have to do it for you)

5. find her a dress that she can were while drinking toona juice , tree climbing and being on the roof. This incuding modling out fits for her. ( ummm Lilly i dont do cloths and i not were a dress MAN CAt)

6. get special music for roof dancing... ( umm Lilly i dont know if i can do that)

7. Hirie the C street band... ( do you think two temp-tay-tions and a green are enough becuse thats all i got)

8, Make sure the roof is clean of snow for easy window acess... ( umm lilly i think you lost your mind)

9. order a tonna cake..... ( umm i can do that i can test it in chick-hen frist)

10. Make sure cat dose not open gift till March 3rd. ( you heard that I get to be BMB big man body gard)

11. practice lafing and laffing ( i can do that one)

12. rember to hide red sox yankes base ball ticket...( i never under stand thayt but i can do it.)

13. get her pink red sox hat ready. ( ready for what)

14. Pracktic soing mexicen hat dane on yankkes hat. ( you better get better real quick becuse that one all yours)

Please glow for us all i been sneezing and cafing now my eyes are running i eating fine and drinking fine. Iris haas a runny nose. But Lilly is the sicket Mama laura said she cant take it any more. we foring her to eat chips and Ice cream. Lilly would not even look at ice cream mama even left her a bowl of milk out nothing.


Daisy said...

I sure hope Lilly Lu starts feeling better soon. And you too, Mu shue and Iris also. Being sick is No Fun.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hope you all start feeling better. Especially Lilly Lu!