Thursday, January 31, 2008

tortured !!!!!

it was just herndeous I was stuck in to my PTU and torchered. I had to tag along to Lilly Lu vet appoment. Good new the spootty pain in the tail is just finr. she back to her pre sick wait of 12.8 pounds of fluffy spottyness. they did not want t vactitate her becucese of how sick she was wiff her liver last year. so all she laded up doing was modleing and being callled pretty. Mama said she should have saved the 58 green pappers and not taken her in.

Now onto me. I lost a little more weight i down to 13.4 lbs. They stole some blood to do some cheeks and then they gave me some oinment for my runny eyes. I tryed to explain to them in my best main coon cry that i was king and you do not poke the king wiff needles but no such luck.

They must have not locked my PTU becuse on the way back the door came flying open when it was put on the ground i almost got away but mama was able to grab me by the scuff of my neck and said UHHHH i don't think so buddy boy. I told her to adress me as king but she would not. I am furry upset i need to recocarte from my exprince

LillyLu here if you could thow a few purrs mu shue way for good blood work we aprratie it

Monday, January 28, 2008

man cat monday

a pillow with a pictuer of a real man cat and the man cat him self very manly.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

easy like a suday morning

it snowing again and mama laura is home i desed to just take it wasy on my grizzy wiff alkl my pillows. The litte green pillow said "what part of Mewo do not under stand" the blue pillow in the back is of "pooh" and then there my pillow in the car it looks great wiff my grizzy

Saturday, January 12, 2008

what ypu doing mama???

mu shue: mama what you doing wiff my grizzy why you putting it in a bag wiff lilly lu grizzy and iris sun chair quilt.

Mama Laura: nothing mu shue go back to sleep

Mu shue" can't sleep you have my grizzy

Mama Laura: it okay mu shue i just going to put it right her by your your Lilly Lu and Iris PTU

Mu shue: why do you need our ptu's and what you doing packing up food and my sungle safe oooooh look tem-tay-tons and my faort haol chicken treats why you putting all that is a bag can i have it now

Mama LauraL No mu shue your going to want those next week

Mu shue: whats next week ooooh i rember i your brithday yup i have to cough up my big juicey hair ball as my gift to get you to step on it while it still warm makes note eat lick lilly lu number spot 13 extra this week so i have extra metria to work wiff

Mama Laura: thanks for the brithday gift shoooey i sure the cat inn will love it.


Mama Laura: mu shue i don't feel comforbale with you home alone this time and i want someone to take care of you more than a cat sitter can so it wil be fun the weather has been warm if it stays warm maybe you can go look at the birds and the squils in there outsiede encloser.


mama Laura: mu shue want a temp-tay-tiom

Mu shue: well i start being mad right after i fishen tem-tay-tions