Monday, December 31, 2007

Man cat monday

It is snowing again today sigh So when there snow out side it furry manly to say in side and sleep

this is my heated window napper. It has a heating pad in side i sleep on this thing all the time it very very manly I think all you cats with window napper need to demaded a heated on you don't know what you'r missing

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I got an award

thia must be the luckest week in the whole word for Me. Frist was kitty miss and then My seecct paw present then Lilly Lu nomated me a best fur sibbling of the year!!! Now my Budddy Rocky. Gave me an award I love rocky He not only head of artyscaty he made my vets ther X-mas gifts of book marks. Cats run out and get these they spectalar !!!!!!!!!!!! He also Is Lilly Lu best freind so he keepes her out of my fur so I can nap all day !! Now if he could just do somthing about that pesty meezer Iris. Who keeps poucing on me and tells me it for my own good.

It time for for me to pick two cats

1) I am picking Darling Milllie she loves the Pats and she works hard as Q&A inspector for bizzy for grizzy quilts

2) Mr Hendeix He a cat who care for every buddy and a nice fellow!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

AWWWWW thanks Lilly Lu

I am a bit hummbled that Lilly Lu took time out of her busy time to nomatie me for fur sibbling of the year. I veary hummbled. Here all the nice fings she had to say about me here fanks lilly lu your a great sister to do this for me

Thursday, December 20, 2007

13 resonson why i not been able to blog

1. we burryed in snow

2. we got a new computer and it took us a while to figer it out
(are old puter is in somewere called HP sevcece center for 8 weeks before they just gave her a new one but we lost every thing.)

3. we can't figer out how to get old sofwere that we need on vista

4. mama been bussy looking for a new job

5. we emabessed to say we ran out of stamp and we thought we older them but they did not and they will nbot be here in time for x-mas

6. we making new tredtions

7. I been busy licking feet. Mr TF has the best feet ever

8. mama had to spend for ever digging out her car

9. Lilly Lu hogs the computer mewoing to Rocky her best freind Blocky Arsty catsy

10. did i memtion Lilly Lu a computer hog-

11. I had to get my booty sleep on my heated napper

12., mama had something called "morning sickness"

13. We got the talk from mama and the big guy that changes are a comming